Friday, 30 November 2012


Books are the best source of entertainment in privacy. They are considered to be the ornaments of our human intelligence.

Some books are to be just tasted…some are to be swallowed…and some others are to be chewed and digested… it is perfectly alright to say that reading maketh a full man..

This issue is dedicated to the art of reading and books all over the world.
 - Sandhiya .R

The book I like the most ... Harry Potter

Gayathri Miller

Monday, 26 November 2012

My Books ... My Life ...

All around us glancing our looks,
We gaze at the wonderful books
The reasons are so many
We can say any

Out in the world, so good
But books says us many,
Some are interesting
Some are romantic
Some are having happy endings

Some with beautiful blending
Books are all so different
They are good friends too
To whom we ask solutions
In case of delusions

But I couldn’t understand books,
As they are so much of varieties
But a trustworthy friends,
With my endless thoughts……..

- Nisha

My Soul ...

This world is filled with secrets and mysteries. Each mystery has an ending and each secret is revealed one day.

My friends usually bombard me with questions like “How do you read books firstly?” or ”How do you enjoy reading stories?” or even questions like “How come you are a bookworm?”. These are some questions I have faced in school.

The answers to these questions are:

Being a bookworm is not a cool stuff for many of us including myself, but storybooks hold a very different interest for me.

Every time I read a book, I get observed in it. Its like I am falling deep into that particular story or situation. If I read the Harry Potter books, I find myself in the magical world of J.K.Rowling or when I read the Narnia series I wake up where animals can talk and plants move.

I have got such an obsession with books that I simply can’t stop reading them. If I ever close my book, my thoughts always wander off; thinking impatiently about what could happen next. The excitement while waiting to read again is very difficult to control.

While reading a book, don’t read it with extreme concentration. Relax yourself and get flung into the world of stories.
Fly through the magical secrets, cool adventures, thinking novels and scary moments.

Feel the sensation of reading books. Try to feel Goosebumps rising in your skin while reading a scary story and do feel amazed when you go through a scary story and do feel amazed when you go through magical moments and dangerous adventures.

Books all a part of my soul and I would love to read more books and enjoy the sensation that most of the students don’t feel.
Just try reading and I promise that you will fall in love with books just like I did.

Swim in the deepest ocean
Glide over the highest clouds
When you read
And feel the sensation and
The power of story books…..

- Kavi Bharathi
         VII B

To Students ...

My favorite book is “To Students” by Mahatma Gandhi. Though I understood the moral, I learnt a lot about his own determination to get freedom for our nation.


Father of the Nation, Is what we call him without hesitation
You held us in the way that is right. You got our freedom back without a fight. You told us to wear clothes made of kadhi. You led us in the non – violent way by going to Dandi.

Your Satyagraha movement surprised me. You showed us the way where freedom ray.

Your book “To Students” is a true treasure for students.

- Preeta Pushkarni

My Friends ...

Books are my friends. They always guide in my bends. It is the pattern of my life which sharps as knife.

As it is kind of different subjects filled with charged and uncharged objects. The good things in the books attract. And  the bad things always repel.

- Cibi 

My Favorite Character ...

Favorite book – SILVERFIN
Favorite character – JAMES BOND

My favorite character is James Bond, the greatest spy with his adroit and sensational weapons that makes him greater. He is too fast and amazing and has great talents, I like him very much and I would call him ‘THE INVNCIBLE’. He is an agent who is known for his special guns and equipment. He is really very cool.

-     S. Ashwathaman

My Favorite Books ...

                               Enid Blyton

The characters of this story book are duck, goat, dog, thief, and grandmother. I like all the characters except ‘thief’. I like this book very much. It is a nice book to read. The author describes the duck, goat and the dog using the sounds they make. It is an adventurous story. This is one of the books the in ‘popular rewards’ series. In this book, the characters are portrayed well. I like this book very much.
-      P. Sreenithi

Quack Quack ...

- Thiviya Lakshmi 

The Guide to Life ...

- Vijay Adhithiyan 

The Source of Enlightment ...

- S. kiran

Arabian Nights ...

_ R . Deeksha

My Favorite Characters ...

- V . Raja Dhananjeyan

The Real Friends ...

B. Vinod Krishna
 V A

Spider man ...

K.S. Surya Kumar

Dragon Ball Zzzzzz ...

- Vijay Adhithiyan

The Legend of Zelda ...

- Gunanidhi

The wings of Justice ...

- Abdulla